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An HKAB Manifesto

Being the Right and Accurate Portrayal of the Mind of komos

Wherein the Purpose of Hong Kong Action Breakfast

Is Explained in Full,

And Many Heretofore Unaddressed Questions Are Answered.

The main idea behind the Hong Kong Action Breakfast is to provide myself an excuse to cook for friends. Far too often, I don’t take the time to cook because I am my only audience. Since I am of a mind that food is best when shared in good company, creating meals for friends moves the act from the mundane to the sublime. It is, quite simply, something I love to do. Though I won’t promise food that will amaze the snootiest gourmand, I will do my best to provide folks with food that is wholesome, comforting, and enjoyable.

"Breakfast" is something of a misnomer. Yes, I will serve "breakfast" all day, but considering that most people will eat around noon, the exercise really looks more like a "brunch." Similarly, if you have an unnatural distaste for all things breakfast-y, I can probably set you up with something else.

At it’s best (worst?), HKAT provides something that we can laugh and talk about, and the films we’ve shown tend to be more fun if there is running commentary. This is meant to be social. And while you can rest assured that there will be at least one true HKAT offering during the day, it is not necessarily the sole form of entertainment. We may well delve into other genres of film and likely other activities.

Although there is a set time when I will open my home to all of you, I do not assume that you will be there promptly at 10AM, nor do I assume that you will necessarily be there all day. You are welcome, to be sure, but the intent is to be flexible enough to allow folks to come and go as they please. If you just want to come by to say hi and have a waffle on your way to something much cooler, I’m happy to have you.

Most are welcome, and chances are if you’re reading this, I won’t be too surprised if you walk through my door. (On second thought, if you come from the left coast for breakfast, I might be a little thrown off.) I don’t need a RSVP, but if you think that you might swing by, it can be helpful for my provisioning if I get an idea of how many people I might see.

While I'm on that, if you have any special needs I may not know about because you are a vegetarian, Muslim, Geat, or whatever, nudge me before I try to feed you something awful.

Finally, contributions to the larder are most welcome, but not expected. Libations will make me positively giddy, but anything from chips to fruit to baked goods have made guests very happy. As a rule of thumb, check in with me beforehand so I can tell you if four other people have already offered to bring sausage.

Please feel free to ask if there's anything else you'd like to know.

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