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In Memoriam

Red: Hey there, Midge. Kitty, uh, insisted I bring this over to show our sorrow because of your loss.

Bob: Aw, thanks, Red. We were all sitting around reminiscing about our dear departed cat, Mr. Bonkers J. Pinciotti.

Midge: Do you have a story you wanna share, Red?

Red: Okay. Well, I remember he used to come into my yard, and uh... and uh... you know, I’d uh... throw a bucket at him or... spray him with the hose. And he’d run away. Then he’d come back. I’d do it again! [He smiles] I guess you... you could say we kinda had our own thing. [He gets teary eyed.] Wow. Okay, enjoy the casserole.

[Red turns around and leaves quickly.]

From That 70’s Show, "Kiss of Death”

Goodbye, Cat. You had the best name ever.

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