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A lesson in syntax

[Scene: A "young turk" has just double parked his SUV outside the laundromat at Powderhouse Square. It is a narrow street, and since the bus has stopped on the other side of the road, this act has effectively shut down all traffic in both directions of a busy street. To make matters worse (as if they could be), he has double parked outside of a space large enough to accommodate his vehicle. The SUV is sporting an antenna flag as well as "Support Our Troops" and "These Colors Don't Run" bumper stickers. Lines of honking cars stretch down the street and into the rotary. I'm immediately behind the SUV hoping I can legitimately park when he leaves, but I'm enraged enough taunt the driver through my open window.]

[He exits the laundromat carrying a bag from wash, dry, and fold.]

Me: Didn't it occur to you to park?

He: (Innocently.) I just ran in to pick up laundry.

Me:: Right, and it didn't occur to you to park??

[He returns a smug look and makes to mount the SUV.]

Chorus: Now there's hell to pay.

Me: (Louder.) I'm so glad that our boys are dying in the desert so that asshats like you can abandon your man boats wherever it's most convenient.

[He turns and starts to say something, but then stops, looking a little embarrassed. He gets into his car and drives away.]

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