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My bike will be back on the road this weekend, regardless of the promise of a cold, cold wind. I’m certain that it probably won’t be the most triumphant return to an active lifestyle, but I’m slowly getting the hang of accepting my experience as my experience. This is no mean feat. Once my energy is back up, I’ll probably start practicing basic Pak Hok Pai techniques as well. I don’t know that this will mean a return to the school, but I can say that I have been happiest when I’ve devoted myself to some kind of martial practice. Hell, when I was still fencing, I had one young woman say that I was an embodiment of the term bon vivant for her.

Something else that holds promise is waiting in the wings as well. I was flipping through the BCAE catalogue last night and lit upon the ceramics section. It’s been such a long time since I’ve sat at a wheel making bowl-shaped and vase-shaped lumps, reveling in the way it moved me. A mesmerizing connection. Some of my favorite moments in college came from sitting in the otherwise empty studio creating without judging. I remember listening to the Pixies and dancing with my hands over the surface of the wet clay. I’d leave hours later smelling of earth, looking like I'd hit the business end of a puddle, and feeling fulfilled.

So, um, yeah... there are classes that are beginning in early May, and I think I’m going to try to be in one of them. Swinging the course fees is going to be a little tricky, but if I can be conscientious in other areas, I think I can manage. Some things are just more important than others.

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