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Three hours in the studio...

... all spent playing with slabs. Had an abortive attempt at what I thought would be a sushi plate (it really needed to be bigger) and then spent a long time mucking with a small, crude, leaf-shaped vase. Just ideas I had kicking around in my head as places to start. Mostly, I was curious to see what could be done with what I remember, and I do like handbuilding.

Most of the students in the class were already leaning towards wheel throwing, and they were set up in short order. This happens to be Molly's (the instructor) specialty, and I'm a little torn between my urge to experiment with what I know or to use her knowledge in hopes of getting vaguely competent at the wheel. I kind of want to do both, but the class is short. The compromise may lie in the open studio time. If I can manage to get in there between sessions, I might be able to push the envelope and do a little of both.

Coming out of the studio, shifted perception. Shatter. How do I miss how green the trees on the Common are?

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