Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Carnivalesque echolalia

Yesterday, I was reading an article in the most recent Art New England entitled The New Performativity: Harvesting sincerity from irony, and giving it up to the people and my eyes kept straying to the title. In fact, I was having a difficult time getting past the word, performativity. The word seems clumsy and inelegant, akin to something GWB would coin while not discussing the grand master plan for an American hegemony.

Unlike "disarmabilitation," however, the term does seems to see legitimate use, and a quick search brings links to scholarly articles like Performativity and Performance and Poetry as Performativity and Excess.

For all my searching, I'm only beginning to understand the concept, though it's unclear to me why "performativity" is a better choice than "how meaning happens."


Honestly, this has left me feeling weirdly intimidated. I don't love being conceptually backward.

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