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Dreams from the oldest house.

I think for the first time in a long while, I'm actually enjoying the spring.

Dreaming. Kept here because I want to remember.

I’m at a party or dance of some sort in an inside/outside space. Odd, that. It felt simultaneously expansive and constricted. Limited space with infinite possibility, perhaps. Very few people were dancing because outside of a few pockets of minimal space, the floor was cluttered with the tables and chairs where everyone was sitting.

I was talking to friends at my table when she came into the room. She spoke to a few people as she moved through the room, and suddenly, all of the tables and chairs were arrayed in a circle around the edge of the floor as though they had been there the whole time. The room lit up as people got up from their tables and began to dance. I walked over to where she was standing and we talked for a while. Little things were said. I touched her face and she disappeared, not with a poof, but fading away, smiling. She said, "I’ll see you again."

I went outside and saw some other friends getting ready to leave in a hopelessly beat-up 1950’s Ford. The trunk had fallen off whole for some reason, and it was being dragged behind the car tied by a rope. As we drove off, I watched it sparking behind the car from the back seat and from where I had been standing when I first came outside (disorienting.) We drove through a swamp, and at my request, we stopped by the side of the road. I got out and walked for a bit until I saw movement a little ways off. A snake, a huge beautiful constrictor of some sort was swimming towards me. I crouched and put my hand out as it came to where I waited. It rested its head in my hand.

I was instantly at The Dream House, bright sun shining through the enormous windows of the kitchen where I stood. I hadn’t been here in some time (flash to a vision of the exterior), and was musing on this as she walked into the room, the same sweet smile a gentle curve on her lips. Her clothes were different now. She was barefooted, wearing a pale blue sundress. Beautiful. She reached out and took my hand, saying only, "I’m glad you made it." She led me into a hall, to the side of a stairway. Rich dark wood paneling was all around us. She ran her free hand along a molding until part gave slightly. She pushed down and in. A door I had never seen opened and we entered.

We crossed a very bright parlor and into another hall. The quality of the light changed then, and it seemed like I was seeing everything in sharp resolution through gauze (disorienting.) I looked up at the skylight above us, and then down to the end of hall where I saw a simple bedroom, bed unmade and inviting. She threw herself against me then. We kissed. We fumbled with each other’s clothes. Her skin was so soft and cool... we made love and I was happy, spinning, spiraling, dizzy.

In the afters, as we lay there, limbs entwined, I felt and sometimes even saw the house reorganizing itself. New rooms added. Others hidden and now discovered.

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