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A few afternotes from earlier questions...

For clayrobeson:
Oddly enough, I’ve already read it. I confess I have difficulty with some of the methods used in crypto-archeology, but I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Oh, and thanks for the recommendation. It made me grin.

For shutupbetsy:
That would be fabulous! I’ve tried to find Cavedweller since you mentioned it, but have had little success. The Athenaeum does have a copy, which was to be my failsafe if I couldn’t find a copy just to have by the time I finished with The Secret Life of Bees.

For transcribe:
I’ve been meaning to ask you for a long while now how the royal jelly experiment went. I’m just starting to consider pollen now, and once I decide on a source and have given it a bit of a run, I’ll be posting about it here again. As for the monkeys? They’ll be coming soon.

For majorweather:
So far, you’ve postcarded me, though I’m hoping I’ll be able to return the favor at some point. It may be soon.

For riverbank:
I'd be happy to. ^_^

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