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The wheel will shape me

Tonight will mark the end of my pottery class. Twenty-one hours were barely enough to get a taste for the art, barely enough to expose me to the things I want to know. I’ve a half dozen pieces I haven’t even bisqued yet. I want to finish them. I want to continue. I like the feel of clay working under my hands. I like the feeling that it gives to me in return.

Tonight will be hard. I’m not very good with endings, especially when there seems to be so much more to be done. I’m not sure how this will sound, but I hope that you’ll keep me in your thoughts. It’s meant a lot that you’ve been supportive of this effort. From here, I want to follow to the next step and to the next and to the next. Perhaps need to do.

Molly will be leaving BCAE to take a position as a resident artist somewhere in the Berkshires. I wish her the best, and intend to thank her for her patience and her fire. A while back, she came to me while I was working and said, "You know, if you’re serious about this, you really should look into the programs at the Mudflat Studios. As far as I’m concerned, they’re every bit as good as the programs at the MFA School and others. Think about it."

My heart soared.

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