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Early work

I got my first piece back from glazing last night.* It’s a small tea bowl that grew from one of my first nights on the wheel. I found it on the shelf and just stood there for the longest time looking at it, noticing every last detail. The lip is uneven. There’s a slight ridge at the bottom of the bowl that I should have raised into the wall. The walls themselves have slight imperfections throughout. The trimming was a little off-centered. The glaze worked brilliantly inside the bowl, but the exterior is uneven and kind of splotchy. It was just too thin in parts.

But best of all? It’s glorious. I made it. It’s perfect for what it is.** That I’m even able to see these things is amazing. I’m thinking critically without criticizing. As a side note, the hard-to-impress roomie even thought it was very cool.

*Or, at least, the first piece that didn’t go missing after bisque. I’m missing two early bowl attempts as well as another tea bowl that I was pretty happy about.
**I’d love to share here… don’t suppose I could convince anyone to host an image or two for me?

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