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Disciplined whimsy

In the studio last night, there was a quiet rhythm that guided each of us as we worked. Everyone was glazing, and as we moved in search of the perfect tool or the perfect color or the perfect resting place, there was an almost sub-like efficiency to the scene. In the narrow spaces, we moved by each other without touching, all too aware of what an ill-timed jostle could do. There was so much care that was taken, but it seemed effortless and fluid. I kept watching the concentration on the faces of the others and felt the same intensity in myself. This was good.

I was there last Thursday evening as well. More glazing. For those pieces, I did nothing tricky with the glazes just to prove to myself that I could create even, consistent color should I so desire. Learning. The instructor from the advanced class gave me several pointers as I worked, and I gleaned more tricks from the other students who worked around me. Finished, I spent a long, leisurely time trimming a large-ish bowl that I had had drying. That’s gone into bisque, the others have come out of firing. And so it continues.

As I went to leave that night, the instructor said, "You've gotten the clay bug. I can see it in you." It was frightening and exhilarating at the same time.

I spent the ride home thinking about alchemy and nature. I think I've decided to take another course over the summer to occupy my hands until the new semester at the Mudflat begins. I'll find a way to make the money work.

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