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Last ups

Anyone who wants some relic of my travels and has not yet spoken up may do so now by going here. I'm hoping that I'll have opportunity to drop in from the road, but your best bet is to leave your addy in the poll before my early AM departure tomorrow.*

As I scurry around tying up loose ends in the office, I'm thinking about everything else I have to do at home to be ready as well. In short, I can't believe how much I need to juggle tonight. I need to be in the studio to make the grand attempt at constructing my sangria pitcher, and beyond that it's just one big loigistics problem. I know that there will be things left undone, and that drives me crazy.

'Course, given how it sounds clayrobeson's day is going, I'm assuming that this is the truck we'll be driving...

With any luck, though, we won't be chased across the country by a gang of gearheads led by some bondage fetishist in a hockey mask and leather harness. I'd like this trip to be a little less exciting than that.**

*For transcribe: posting the herbal tincture is still possible as well.
**Incidentally, all this was inspired by Clay's mood in his first post. I just couldn't do it justice earlier.

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