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Amusing myself in-meeting

State College, PA
Penn State University

Our second stage (~3 hours) was short and uneventful. We've started driving through mountains, which makes for more interesting drives for me. I just spent a lot of time musing over the shadows of clouds creeping along the ridges. I love the look of the small towns tucked away amongst the valleys. From above, they are simply beautiful. Perspective can do amazing things.

We've stopped at Clay's alma mater for a meeting of minds. The folks in this room are all attached to the Penn State International Dance Ensemble (mostly aliumns.) Outside, the impetus for the PSU reunion, the 2003 Arts Festival is well under way. Once we're done here, we'll be leaving here with Clay's friends to wander, likely to find more of his friends as we browse.

Heh. In keeping with the Road Warrior theme of this trip, I just met "Master Blaster." Cool.

[Later] Wandering through the Arts Festival proved interesting. I spent most of my time browsing ceramists and started thinking that ultimately, it's very easy to produce pottery, but it's something else entirely to produce pottery that moves outside of something "crafty." So many of the vendors offered pieces that were functional, competent, and utterly without personality. I think there were three of nineteen ceramists I thought of as "artists."

I'd like to be able to move into that realm.

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