Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Morning Coffee

Following up on that, even if I have been thinking about spirituality lately, it doesn’t mean that I’ve somehow instantly transformed myself into a calmer, more centered person. To the contrary, I’m still pretty unstable. The doings at work yesterday left me so out of sorts that I ended up wasting the rest of the workday fretting. When I got home, I managed to screwed up the soup I attempted to make by burning the garbanzos (so much more fun to say than “chick peas”) I had prepared overnight. Couldn’t even get my laundry done right, as the clothes currently drying on doors and chairs in my apartment can attest. Worst thing, though, was that I found myself worrying about the aftermath and I couldn’t sleep. Popped in Arcanum and killed zombies until 2AM or so.

Luckily, my rhythm wasn’t completely thrown off. A couple good nights of sleep and the extra energy that walking 3-5 miles a day seems to be giving got me up at a reasonable time, and I think I may make it through the day once my infusion of coffee kicks in. I don’t like that my reaction was so extreme, and the ordeal is by no means over.

Have to see how it works out.

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