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Five different showers in four different states.

Columbia, MO
I'm thinking that this is the part of the journey where the road starts to wear on me. I have been on the road since Friday, and I'm starting to count the days until all of this is over. Once we stopped last night, the world kept moving. My equilibrium is completely off.

Southern Illinois is farmilicious. As we were driving through fields of corn and soybean and other things I couldn't identify, there were so many bugs flying over the road that it was like driving through a flak barrage. We kept seeing these enormous black specks that exploded with cracks and thunks against the windshield. I've never seen anything like it.

I've started to think that I'm happiest driving in places where humans are not terribly prevalent. Driving through the incredibly fertile landscape, listening to the O Brother soundtrack, I realized that Ohio was so disappointing in part because we were driving a route that was dominated by cities and industrial areas. (We drove by the Budweiser plant, complete with it's own reservoir... No beer should be brewed in a place that big. Ever.) It's just so much more calming driving through the countryside, and I was reminded of why Jefferson's vision of this country was that of an agrarian utopia. Things have gone awry.

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