Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Outside of Amarillo, TX
We stopped at the Big Texan for lunch. What is the Big Texan? Picture all of the tackiest things you can think of associated with Texas and the American West. Got it? Now, concentrate them into a single horrifying restaurant that serves a 72-oz steak that's free if'n you chew it down within the hour, the artery hardening goodness of chicken-fried steak, the "I had to try them once" phenomenon of rocky mountain oysters, and (of course) more variants on the general steak theme.


Albequerque, NM
I didn’t mention it before, probably for being distracted by fried pie (FRIED PIE!), but the single rig has now turned into a three vehicle caravan. This, of course, has brought a whole new dimension to the trip. There is now constant radio chatter, partly to share information, partly to keep each other company, but mostly to keep each other sane by sharing just how crazy covering hundreds of miles a day is making us. The cab of the truck feels incredibly isolating. It’s glassed in box that gives me fleeting looks at country that I can’t walk on. It’s good having the other voices for consolation.

The addition to our party is tarotchan. Go say hello.

Oklahoma kept surprising me. My first impression of the state came from being in and around Oklahoma City. I know that there was more to it before we got there, but I seem to be suffering a logical disconnect between what we pass during the day and what we pass at night. I woke up in a suburb, went to breakfast in the city, and then drove a while before finding a place that was less developed. When it came, it took my breath away. Just miles upon miles of verdant cattle grazing land so extensive that at one point I had a very real fear that I would run out of gas before we got to a place where I could fill up. (It was quite a change from the rest-stop happy northeast.) At one point, we came over a hill and I gasped for how beautiful the landscape was. It was the first time this trip that I was reminded just how much I love ‘big sky.’

And for some reason, the ‘drinking-bird’ oil pumps make me smile. I hadn’t associated OK with oil country, but it makes sense now that I think of it. It's just another reminder of how much I don’t know about this country.

Oh, and I’d like to be on record saying that North Texas may be the scariest place in the US. Thank the gods for college radio.

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