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Glazing is nerve-wracking for me.

I’ve been trying to figure out why this is, and I think what it comes down to is that I feel like it is the part of the process that I have the least control over. Sure, I can look at the glaze palette and choose colors I think might work, but there’s no guarantee that the latest mix will reproduce what’s on the test tile, that the kiln will heat the exact same way, that something next door won’t drip, explode, or otherwise mess with my piece. Leaving something on the glaze shelf is leaving its completion in the hands of someone else and to processes that I’ve only just begun to understand. That makes me crazy

This is all very odd since I rather like the chaos inherent in the raku process. I think there, I expect things to be unpredictable and surprising. Admittedly, my experience with it was minimal, but I had a hand in every step of the process. I guess what it comes down to is that if I’m out of control, I want to be present as it happens. Being out of control and feeling like a spectator just feeds my sense of helplessness.

Class last night was a slow one for me. I found myself unfocused enough that I made a careless mistakes.
One led to my having to wash off a piece I had glazed, another to my torquing a hump right off the wheel head. I even managed to cut away too much of the donut as I tried to turn it into a vase. After a dicey repair, that vase has gone to bisque in a not-as-impressive-as-I-had-hoped form, and I left a pot with what might be an odd color combination on the glaze shelf.


I’ll probably go back on Thursday and Saturday just to get some time in before the studio closes down for two weeks. (They’re doing an extensive cleaning before the next round of classes start.)

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