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A bit of news

"For from the day that they did land upon Scamander's strand, their doom began, not for loss of stolen frontier nor yet for fatherland with frowning towers; whomso Ares slew, those never saw their babes again, nor were they shrouded for the tomb by hand of wife, but in a foreign land they lie. At home the case was still the same; wives were dying widows, parents were left childless in their homes, having reared their sons for others, and none is left to make libations of blood upon the ground before their tombs."
-Euripides, Women of Troy

With the death yesterday of another US soldier in Iraq, the number of US troops who have died there since May 1, when President Bush declared an end to major combat operations, rose to 138 -- the same number who perished during the six weeks of fighting that marked the fall of Baghdad and its immediate aftermath, according to Pentagon records.

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