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Reasons #4301 and #4302 why I should get a PDA

#4301 - Yesterday, I nearly missed a meeting off-site because I had placed it on the 20th. Never mind that the 20th is on a Saturday and therefore outside of the normal business week. The response was to take the train home, change into suit-like attire, and walk outside to discover that I had left my car parked at the Alewife garage Tuesday night. Luckily, roommate was home and I was able to get a ride to my ride.

#4302 - Today, I managed to miss a meeting with my "special friend" because I left too early. I didn't realize this until after I had arrived in Brookline. After wrestling with options, I decided that it was probably not in my best interests to take a 3 hour lunch and returned to my office. This, of course, will lead to a discussion of why I sabotaged our meeting. Ah, joy.

What's ironic is that I am very attuned to the timing of other things. I have yet to forget ceramic studio time, and I've been accutely aware of the schedule for the beer I'm brewing. I have been so befuddled that I have had difficulty following what day it is, but nonetheless I have been able to keep track of the things that I know really matter to me.

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