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Paul and I bottled the Oktoberfest last night. Two weeks from now, it will yield its foamy dark amber goodness to those of you who wish to partake. I’m thinking that October 4 will make a most excellent unveiling. Perhaps I will make wurst and kraut for the occasion.

As we bottled, Paul asked questions about brewing process. When I think of it, it really is remarkably simple, though I still surprised myself at how much detail I was able to provide as we talked. Sometimes, I don’t know how much I know. I'm weird like that.

The wort seemed a little more hoppy than I would normally expect from a marzen-style beer (they tend to be sweet and malty), but it really was quite good. I rather preferred it to the Samuel Adams Oktoberfest we sampled at the brewery on Tuesday. I’m kind of anxious to see how carbonation changes it.

I do not fear for it. It is a mighty brew.

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