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Today is National Sourdough Bread Day. I realize that it doesn't have the universal web appeal of National Talk Like a Pirate Day, but it yields much tastier results.

I didn't know until after I baked bread this morning.
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Again with Iron Chef

Very sorry about this...

I had a scheduling issue that was messing with our available weekends, and now it looks like it's been moved entirely away from them. Recognizing that we've moved into short notice territory, I would consider bumping us into May. We're still interested in running the event on either the 17th or 24th, but I don't want to rush it (or you). If you have strong feelings either way, shout. Otherwise, scheduling will commence.
Mrs. Peel we're needed

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Sometimes I come across as an exceedingly grumpy man. It's mostly me being inexplicably moody or gnawing at an opinion, each to no good end.

Time to wrap my head around a more compassionate approach, I think.

Iron Chef: Continued Planning

It looks like our best bets are either April 17 or April 24, mostly dictated by the availability of the potential competitors. I'll give 24 hours or so for folks to weigh in, and then I'll set up the kitchen and table.

Speak up!
The gentleman is always properly dressed

Iron Chef: Planning

We're getting the itch again, V's got a b-day coming, and I've got a couple of good ideas for a theme. All this means it's time...

Poll #1535981 Iron Chef: People's Republic (April 2010)

Which of the following date(s) work best?

Saturday, April 10
Sunday, April 11
Sarturday, April 17
Sunday, April 18
Saturday, April 24
Sunday, April 25

If I attend, I would like to:

bring cookies
get tore up

Comment at will.
Le Papillion


Thought the first:
If there is anything that is more universally wrong (in all the right ways) than choucroute garnie, it is braised choucroute with a roast duck in place of All the PorkTM.

Thought the second:
I'm having a certain degree of difficulty wrapping my head around life after The Troubles. I can probably chalk part of that up to not having any sort of concrete confirmation yet, but there's part of me that's afraid that I won't be able to easily adjust to the sudden lack of a thing that was a defining characteristic in my life for a decade. I just don't know what it means. Today, I find myself wondering if I have the strength to look at this as an opportunity as opposed to just a time to mourn.

Thought the second point one:
I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.